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The right commercial chef base fridge will help streamline your kitchen workflow by keeping cold ingredients close at hand. Browse our huge selection of chef base coolers and refrigerators to improve your kitchen operation.

Keep frozen meals and ingredients within reach of your cooks with a refrigerated chef base. These units are an essential addition to your kitchen because they speed up operations by keeping cold ingredients close to your cooking staff. Chef base refrigerators are versatile units that are ideal for hotels, cafeterias, restaurants, and catering businesses. Additional cooking equipment such as ovens and fryers can be stacked on top of chef bases, helping maximize space usage in your kitchen. If you are looking for a high quality commercial chef base to increase efficiency in your kitchen, we’ve got you covered.

Commercial chef bases are available in a wide variety of product options. Browse through our inventory and select the right width and capacity to meet your needs. We have units with one, two, three, and up to four sections so you can store a variety of ingredients at food safe temperatures. We have units with side-mounted, center-mounted, and back-mounted compressors to suit different positioning arrangements in your establishment. Other notable product features that you get with Kitchenall chef bases include independent controls, recessed drawer handles, a heavy-duty top surface, and a beautiful ergonomic design. Ensure that your food is stored at a safe temperature all day long and reduce staff trips across the kitchen with a stainless steel chef base fridge.

Chef Base Refrigerators

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Chef Base Refrigerator

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