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What is a Commercial Oven: Definition, Types & Uses

What is a Commercial Oven: Definition, Types & Uses
If you operate a commercial kitchen then you should be well aware of how useful the commercial oven is. Over time, ovens have become associated with cooking of all types, whether they are residential ovens or commercial convection ovens. If you are looking to open a commercial restaurant or similar establishments, then you need to get the right commercial oven that suits your needs. What Is a Commercial Oven? A commercial oven is a high-quality piece of kitchen and restaurant equipment that is used to make the cooking process in a commercial kitchen very much easier. It makes use of a fan to circulate hot air and also eliminate hot or cold spots to give you evenly cooked food. Restaurant ovens are able to withstand everyday use and they heat up faster than residential ovens while producing higher temperatures. There are different commercial oven types including deck ovens, brick ovens, convection ovens, and combination ovens. What Is the Difference Between a Commercial Oven and a Regular Oven? The main difference between commercial ovens and regular ovens is their size and durability. Standard commercial ovens are designed to withstand heavy use and also come with more features than traditional ovens that allow them to cook food economically and safely. Regular ovens are generally made for home use, while commercial ovens are to be used in catering businesses, bakeries, and quick-service restaurants. What are Commercial Ovens Used For? Commercial ovens are used by big restaurants to cook food more consistently and at a lower temperature than you would expect from standard ovens. Unlike your typical oven that offers basic cooking, the commercial convection oven is used to cook food more evenly and faster.

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